• Sauna – Finnish sauna with very gentle steam. Due to a special three source ventilation system it is easy to breathe inside the sauna even at the highest temperature. Due to correct stone piling the sauna remains hot even up to one day long. Two shower massage panels are located right next to the exit to provide our guests with a refreshing shower after the sauna.
  • Conference room – up to approximately 30 guests. Equipped with a TV, a projector and screen and an audio system. Wireless Internet access. It is possible to record the conference in a professional audio format and in an amateur video format. A fireplace. A small kitchen corner. The room can be used for small celebrations or as a place to relax after sauna. Disco lights are fitted on the ceiling.
  • Bicycles – the guests are offered several types of bicycles for a short or long distance rides through different terrain. Available bicycles include racing bicycles, mountain bikes and collapsible utility bicycles which can also be adapted for smaller children.
  • Motorboat rides – the guesthouse „Smaidas” offers boat rides on the sea, but besides that we have also some other motorboat related services. For the romantics amongst our guests – a chance to peacefully enjoy the sunset on the sea. For the ones looking for fun – a 3 person „banana” might be just the thing for you. The guests who prefer a more extreme way of entertainment, are encouraged to try out water skiing and kiteboarding. We are fully equipped for both.
  • Recording studio – guests are offered to record songs or greetings in a professional manner in digital format.
  • Salsa lessons – thanks to our highly qualified and certifies dancing teacher you will be able to quickly learn the basic steps and submerge into the world of Latin American rythms (salsa, bachata, merengue, cha cha, zouk, reagaeton).
  • We offer professional car services for our guests.
  • Very good drinking water – mineralized, ionized and revitalized.
  • Underground healing sulfur spring plumbed in the bath – house available free of charge to all quests.